Mikado White Chocolate

Mikado White Chocolate This is Mikado White – the white chocolate version of the chocolate snack Mikado.

Mikado is the name given to Pocky that is manufactured and sold throughout the UK and Europe. It is basically the same product, albeit with a different name and a very different range of flavors.

Mikado w White is readily available in supermarkets and shops through the UK and Europe, and it comprises of the usual Pocky biscuit stick, but one that has been dipped in rich white chocolate.

From the moment that you open the packet you are struck by the sweet aroma of the white chocolate.

This is a very sweet snack, and the white chocolate is not unlike Milky Bar white chocolate in taste and sweetness.

The biscuit stick makes these very ‘moreish’, and the sweetness can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t a huge white chocolate fan. This is a snack that is dominated by sweetness, so if that is your thing then you will love Mikado White Chocolate….personally, we prefer it with a bitter accompaniment, like hot coffee.

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