Peach Pocky (Kakure Momojiri)

Peach Pocky (Kakure Momojiri) Hands down this is probably our favorite Pocky box art ever. This is Peach Pocky, and the curious character on the box isn’t a random character created by the Glico Pocky marketing department, he is a popular children’s character.

Lets talk about the box art first, as to be honest, it is so distinctive you can’t really ignore it and just jump straight to the Pocky.

The character on the box is Kakure Momojiri from Kobito Dukan. Kobito Dukan is a popular series of books and TV shows.

Kobito Dukan roughly translates to English as ‘Dwarf Encyclopedia’ ( Kobito = dwarf and dukan = encyclopedia), and the characters are scary but endearing.

The Japanese use the term “Kimokawaii” to describe a visual style that is both grotesque and cute at the same time, and Kobito Dukan uses ‘Kimikawaii’ to great effect.

kakure momojiri Kobito Dukan has been used in many Japanese chocolate and snack tie-ins, and Pocky have chosen to bring the Kakure Momojiri character to the forefront with theirs.

Kakure Momojiri is a peach loving troll type character whose scary image dominates the front of this Pocky box.

His popularity has ensured that he has a huge range of merchandise and the character has been used in all manner of Japanese products: Kakure Momojiri at

pocky peach bagThe inner bags that hold the Pocky have also been customised to feature Kakure Momojiri, and his image features in the center when you pull the bag out, The rear of the box also features a full colour scene that acts as a mini-game that features other characters from series.

Despite the attention grabbing box art, we should probably say something about the actual Pocky, as that is why we are all here, right?

Pocky have created peach flavors in previous Pocky releases, but they have usually combined it with another flavor, so it is nice to see Peach on its own in this release.

One thing that Pocky know how to do well are fruit flavors, and this Peach Pocky is no different. The aroma of peach is distinctive and smells pleasant and inviting when you open the packet.

The biscuit stick is the regular Pocky stick, and is covered in a peach colored topping. The taste was smooth, and sweeter than we initially expected, but it didn’t become too overpowering. The taste of peach is pretty authentic and the ingredients state that real peach is used in creating the taste, and you can definitely taste it. It is light and fresh and works well with the savory stick.

peach pocky sticks

Overall, a decent tasting Pocky albeit it not one of the best – it won’t appeal to everyone, and might be slightly too sweet for some tastes, but you’ll probably be buying it for the box and the novelty factor anyway at the end of the day.

This Pocky (sadly, like all the best ones) is a Limited Edition, so if you missed it, then get your fix of weirdness from Dwarf Encyclopedia by checking out this clip:

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