Peanut Crush Pocky

pocky-peanut-crush Our love for the Crush flavors of Pocky are well documented (Almond and Cookie), so it will come as no surprise that we are also fans of the ‘Peanut Crush’ Pocky featured here.

The Crush range of Pocky features a regular biscuit stick, with a big difference – it is dipped in massively thick chocolate which contains chunks of crunchy flavor. We are big fans of Pocky Almond Crush, you should check it out.

The Peanut Crush Pocky is another great entry into the Crush range of Pocky.

This flavor fits the usual blueprint of Crush Pocky – a biscuit stick, dipped in seriously extra thick chocolate, and studded with crushed chunks of peanuts.

The chocolate is soft and tasty and leans towards the milk-chocolate end of the taste spectrum (not bitter or dark). The aroma is inviting and you can distinctly smell the nutty peanuts when you open the packaging.

Biting into a Peanut Crush Pocky is a great experience, your teeth sink easily through the chocolate, the stick snaps with a satisfying crunch, and the peanuts add and extra texture and gives you more to chew on as you eat through each stick.

These Peanut Crunch Pocky’s come in a larger box than the usual Pocky’s, and can also be found in a short size (shorter biscuit stick) in some countries.

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