Pine Cream Pocky

Pine Cream Pocky This is Pine Cream Pocky, a new fruit flavored Pocky infused with pineapple. This is basically Pineapple Pocky, despite the product being called ‘Pine Cream’.

As fruit Pockys go, most of the flavors usually taste pretty authentic, and this one is no different.

When you open the box you instantly smell the pineapple, and it smells fresh and fruity – we were initially expecting it to smell sweet and sickly, but that isn’t the case.

The biscuit Pocky stick remains unchanged, and it is covered in the Pinapple topping. The topping is a light brown/yellow colour and kind of blends in with the biscuit stick. From a distance the whole stick just looks like a biscuit, and it is hard to discern where the frosting starts and the biscuit ends.

The actual taste is authentic also, the topping tastes like Pineapple, and the frosting seems to be infused with smaller pieces of jellied pineapple that pack a fruity punch.

This is a nice tasting Pocky, not a classic, but nice enough – and it goes without saying that this will only really appeal to those people who like Pineapple. If you don’t, then steer clear.

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