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Pocky Chocolate

This is where it all began, the original classic chocolate Pocky made in Japan – The standard Pocky by which to measure all others by.

This is a delicious box of Pocky, the original chocolate covered pretzel stick from Japan’s famous snack company Glico.

Pocky was first launched in Japan in 1966 and it was an instant success, eventually a myriad of flavours were released, but this is the original that has remained the core product in the Pocky range.

Insanely popular in Japan, the original Pocky has hardly changed since its launch – it is a biscuit stick, coated in a rich chocolate. The chocolate leans towards a dark blend, but it isn’t bitter.

Each box contains two separately wrapped packages of milk chocolate covered thin pretzel sticks packaged in the now iconic hinged Pocky box. Perfect with a glass of milk!

Pocky Chocolate Sticks

Pocky is the delicious and fun Japanese snack – feed your Pocky addiction!

  • The classic Pocky – crispy biscuit sticks covered with chocolate
  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Light and Crisp Biscuit Sticks
  • Fun to eat on their own or as an edible decoration atop ice cream or other desserts
  • Delicious melt in your mouth flavour

Where to buy Pocky Chocolate (Original)

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    You can get original chocolate Pocky from for various prices, perfect for getting Pocky delivered direct to your door, if you are in the US
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