Pocky G

Pocky G Pocky G was launched in Japan and it was advertised as a more intense Pocky experience and it was marketed as “hard and rich”.

The biscuit stick was the standout difference in Pocky G – it has a light cocoa flavor, and is baked to be much harder than a regular Pocky stick. The chocolate coating also had a slightly harder outer-shell, which added to the brittle and crunchy sensation of eating a Pocky G.

This extra-hard stick was the signature of Pocky G, and it made a really loud crunch when it was bitten or snapped. The actual biscuit stick was lighter and much less dense than a regular Pocky stick.

This new biscuit stick was covered in a rich dark chocolate, which worked well against the cocoa flavored stick.

Pocky G got some heavy marketing in Japan, and had some memorable commercials that focused on the hard biscuit stick and the loud crunch it made when it was bitten. Check out one of the Pocky G TV commercials below:

Pocky G was portrayed as an upmarket alternative to regular Pocky, and this was reflected in the change of direction in the artwork used for the packaging. Primary colours and bold packaging is replaced by a more subtle and refined design style for Pocky G.

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