Pocky Matcha

Pocky Matcha

Matcha returns to Pocky with a vengeance. The newest Pocky flavor is Pocky Matcha, a Green Tea version of Pocky.

Pocky have been releasing Matcha / Green Tea flavors for a while now, and their expertise and history at creating a tasty blend of Green Tea chocolate is solid, so we had high expectation for this Pocky Matcha.

This Pocky Matcha is created using Ujinotsuyu Matcha, which is tea from the Uji region of Japan widely considered to be one of the top areas for growing tea in the world. Due to the Green Tea infusion, Glico are marketing this Pocky as a more healthy alternative to regular snacks on the market and are calling out the health benefits of of green tea.

There is no denying the health benefits you get from green tea, but it might be a bit of a push to call this a ‘health snack’ :)

That aside, one of the reasons why you do want to eat Pocky Matcha is the taste, and it has that in spades.

The green tea aroma is evident as soon as you open the pack, it smells dry and leafy just as you would expect tea to smell.

The Pocky biscuit stick remains unchanged from its classic form, and the colour of the topping is light green – just like the colour you’d get from powdered matcha.

The actual taste is rich, smooth, and really gives an authentic matcha taste. It is obviously sweeter than pure green tea, but it does contain a slightly bitter after-taste that reminds you that this is green tea. Hints of white chocolate also comes though in the flavor, which offsets the bitterness nicely.

For newcomers to green tea chocolate, this is probably a more acquired taste, but one well worth developing if you can. Matcha chocolate provides

If you are a big Green Tea fan, then you should probably also check out Pocky Midi Matcha

And in case you are still wondering just how healthy this Pocky Matcha is, then here is the nutritional information from the box.
matcha pocky nutrition

But Pocky Matcha

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