Pocky Midi Green Tea Matcha

Pocky Midi Green Tea Matcha Pocky Midi was released in March and is a new entry in the Pocky range.

Pocky Midi are shorter and fatter than regular Pocky and come in Green Tea Matcha flavor, as well as Strawberry Midi Pocky and Chocolate Midi Pocky flavors. Pocky Midi has a double-layered chocolate topping – basically Pocky Midi gives you more chocolate on shorter and thicker Pocky biscuit sticks.

Pocky Midi pitches itself as an indulgent Pocky, and it boasts of having 3 components – firstly you have the biscuit stick, secondly you have an inner layer of whipped and light textured chocolate flavoring, and thirdly you have a slightly harder outer layer of flavored topping.

Matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea – and it is very popular in Japanese confectionery as a flavor. Pocky have been producing Green Tea / Matcha flavors for years, so they have got the taste nailed. The second you take a bite, it tastes authentic and in a blind taste test you’d identify it immediately.

There are 2 layers of green tea (maccha / matcha) chocolate – a matcha whipped chocolate serves as the base, and a deep flavor matcha acts as the upper layer which is slightly firmer than the base layer, which gives a dynamic texture and intense taste to the chocolate.

This image shows how much thicker the topping is on Green Tea Matcha Pocky Midi:
pocky midi green tea matcha

If you like Green Tea chocolate, then you will find plenty to love here. The flavor is blended perfectly and never becomes overpowering. And if you have fears of being left unsatisfied due to the shorter size of Pocky Midi, then you needn’t worry – each box contains 3 sealed bags that contain 4 Pocky Midi sticks each, so you get a total of 12 in a box, which is more than enough.

green tea pocky midi

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