Pocky Midi Strawberry

Pocky Midi Strawberry Pocky Midi was released in March, and it is a shorter, stubby Pocky, that comes in a mini box.

Pocky Midi pitches itself as an indulgent Pocky, and it boasts of having 3 components – firstly you have the biscuit stick, secondly you have an inner layer of whipped and light textured chocolate flavoring, and thirdly you have a slightly harder outer layer of flavored topping.

You can see the differences in the two toppings once you bite in to the Pocky Midi, the inner layer is slightly lighter in colour and is a softer texture – and has a distinct creamy texture. That said, we found the whole of this Pocky soft, even the outer layer.

As far as taste goes, this is classic Strawberry Pocky though and though, one thing that Glico do well is that ensure that their fruit flavors actually do taste like the fruit they are supposed to be representing. As a result, this Pocky Midi Strawberry is a light and fresh tasting snack, that doesn’t get too sweet or overpowering.

We enjoyed the novelty of the mini sized Pockys that come in the Midi box. Each box holds 12 Pocky Midi sticks in total, with 3 sealed bags that hold 4 Pocky sticks each. They get thicker towards the end, and taper off where they meet the biscuit stick which gives them the appearance of mini-baseball bats or truncheons.

This image shows how much thicker the chocolate is on Pocky Midi:
strawberry pocky midi

These are well worth trying, even if only for the thicker topping that makes it look like a candyfloss stick. And if you don’t like Strawberry, then don’t worry, Pocky Midi also comes in chocolate flavor.

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