Pocky Mousse New White

Pocky Mousse New White This is a revised white chocolate entry that was introduced to the Pocky Mousse range.

The Pocky Mousse range introduced a new type of topping for the biscuit sticks – it was thicker than the regular Pocky toppings, and it was lighter and more airy.

The white chocolate on this ‘new’ white Pocky Mpusse has been augmented with a thin dark chocolate swirl that runs around the upper part of the Pocky stick.

In our opinion, this is an improvement – its not that white Pocky Mousse wasn’t nice in the first place, it’s just that it didn’t really taste like white chocolate. It was very sweet, and had more of a powdered milk or dairy taste to it.

Check out the Pocky Mousse TV commercial below:

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