Pocky Mousse White

pocky white mousse Pocky Mousse has been a regular addition to the Pocky range for years, and aims to basically provide a a thicker coating for Pocky fans that want a topping a bit thicker than the usual Pocky sticks.

For any Pocky lovers that have ever thought ‘I wish the chocolate was a bit thicker’, then Pocky Mousse is probably for you.

The chocolate coating on Pocky Mousse is thinker, but it is also spongy in texture, almost like it has been whipped.

The White Chocolate variety of Pocky Mousse features a chocolate flavored stick, that is smothered in a think white chocolate mousse.

This is a fairly sweet Pocky, but the extra thick chocolate covering only serves to increase the taste of the sweetness, to the point where you can lose the nice rich taste of the darker chocolate biscuit stick that should offset the taste of the white chocolate more than it actually does.

The white chocolate is nice enough, but to out taste-buds, it tastes more like a blend of condensed milk and vanilla, as opposed to actual white chocolate.

Check out the Japanese TV commercial for Pocky Mousse:

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