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Pocky Strawberry Strawberry Pocky was one of the earliest flavours that was released into the Pocky range and it has remained popular ever since its launch.

Be warned though, you sometimes get the odd season in Japan when Glico doesn’t manufacturer the classic strawberry flavour Pocky, so you may want to stock up if you are a fan.

Immensely popular with young and old, these strawberry flavoured pretzels are another great addition to the Pocky selection. Long sticks of pretzel dipped in yummy strawberry chocolate.

This size box contains 10 of the Pocky biscuit sticks covered with strawberry cream.

Strawberry Pocky fans should also check out the Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky range, that has chunky strawberry flakes embedded in the frosting.

Original Pocky made in Japan.

Where to Buy Strawberry Pocky online

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    If you are in the UK then Strawberry Pocky can be found online at at cheap prices
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    If you are in the USA then you can find Strawberry Pocky available at from a variety of sellers and prices. Multi-packs also available.