Rare Cheesecake Pocky

Rare Cheesecake Pocky This is the Rare Cheesecake flavor Pocky.

Rare Cheesecake is Seasonal Limited Edition Lemon Cheese Cake Flavored Pocky.

And for context, it is important to be aware that in Japan when you go into a shop to buy a cake you often have a choice of ‘rare’ or ‘baked’ cakes. ‘Rare’ cakes in Japan are soft and usually served chilled and often decorated with fruit.

So in this case, the ‘rare cheesecake’ relates to those types of cheesecake with a biscuit base that are soft, and served chilled (as opposed to the harder baked versions that are popular in the US).

rare cheesecake pocky commercial

This Pocky is a pretty authentic flavor, and the white coloured chocolate is rich and tasty and contains a hint of sharp, tangy lemon.

Also, to capture that summer feeling even more, you can put this Pocky in the fridge until it is cold

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