Reverse White Pocky

Reverse White Pocky Pocky Reverse was release in 3 main flavors. You could get it in White Chocolate, and in regular Chocolate flavor, and also Strawberry flavor.

Reverse Pocky is basically a Pocky stick that has been hollowed out and the inside has been filled with chocolate filling.

The biscuit stick has a cocoa taste, and is dark in colour with a rich and crunchy chocolate taste.

The inner part of the stick is filled with hard white chocolate. When we first tried a Reverse Pocky we kind o expected the filling to be soft, almost like the Pocky Mousse range, but I have to admit, it was a pleasant surprise to find it made from solid white chocolate.

Revers Pocky was launched with a distinctive TV commercial when it was released, but sadly it is now almost impossible to find.

Check out the Reverse Pocky TV commercial below:

On the upside, the people at Pocky are always re-releasing flavors, so I suspect it wont be long before we see the return of reverse Pocky in a newly designed boz.

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