Rich Milk Pie Pocky (Otana Adult Milk Pocky)

milk pie pocky This is ‘Rich Milk Pie’ Pocky, also known as ‘Otana Adult Milk Pocky’.

It is a new Pocky flavor, and it is basically a new twist on the original Pocky.

So how is it different? The Rich Milk Pie Pocky features a new biscuit stick which is more dense and more crispy that the regular Pocky sticks, plus it also has a Pastry Pie flavor. The closest way to describe this ‘Pastry Pie’ flavored stick is to probably liken it to buttery shortbread. Very nice.

The chocolate on the stick also has a new taste as it is made with Otana milk chocolate, which provides a more refined and mature milk chocolate taste. It taste sweeter than the chocolate you get on the original Pocky.

All in all – a really nice Pocky that will appeal to people seeking a sweeter Pocky experience.

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