Strawberry Mousse Pocky

Strawberry Mousse Pocky Strawberry Mousse Pocky is the fruit entry in the Pocky Mousse range.

Pocky Mousse was a new twist on the original Pocky and aimed to create a product for those Pocky fans who wanted thicker chocolate and toppings on their Pocky sticks.

This Strawberry Mousses Pocky certainly delivers on the ticker chocolate promise – the stick is thick with strawberry topping. The actual chocolate is lighter than regular Pocky. It feels like it has been whipped with plenty of air infused into it in order to give it a more mousse-like texture.

Pocky are well practiced in creating Strawberry flavors and it shows here – from the second you open the inner bag you are hit with a sweet aroma of strawberry. The chocolate itself is sweet, but not over-powering, and it tastes authentic – actually like strawberry and not a chemical substitute. In fact, eating the Strawberry Mousse Pocky was not unlike strawberry ice-cream, due to the taste and texture.

All in all, pretty good. Nicer than some of the other Pocky Mousse flavors that can feel over-powering due to the thickness of the topping. This Strawberry Mousse Pocky felt light and mild from start to finish.

Check it out, if you can find it.

This is the Japanese TV commercial for Pocky Mousse:

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