Tahitian Vanilla Pocky

tahitian vanilla pocky This is Tahitian Vanilla Pocky, a new twist on vanilla Pocky.

To be honest, we have no idea what Tahitian vanilla tastes like, so we can’t really comment on the authenticity of the taste that this Pocky flavor claims to offer – however, one thing is clear, the second you open the inner bag inside this Pocky box, the smell of vanilla is aromatic and distinctive…..and totally recognisable as vanilla.

The inner bags have also has a bit of a makeover, they are partially transparent and come decorated with delicate vanilla flower motifs.

There is no change to the biscuit stick, but the second that you bite into one of these Pockys, you will be surprised about how creamy and tasty the Tahitian Vanilla flavor is.

In the ice-cream world, vanilla is often viewed as a weak or bland flavor, but that is not the case here. The vanilla flavor is strong, recognizable, and above all tasty.

This is actually quite a bold Pocky flavor, and well-worth your time if you can find it. We found it went really well with coffee – the warm bitterness of the coffee played really well with the strong sweetness of the vanilla.

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