Tiramisu Mousse Pocky (Dessert Pocky)

tiramisu-pocky Tiramisu Pocky was released as a Mousse Pocky in the Limited Pocky Dessert range.

Tiramisu enjoyed a brief period of popularity in Japan, and pretty much all popular Japanese sweets, confectionery, and chocolate bars launched a Tiramisu flavor for a while.

This is the Pocky Tiramisu – and to be honest, it does a pretty good effort at recreating the taste of Tiramisu. It features an extra-thick topping and as soon as you open the box you get the scent of coffee and alcohol (no idea how they managed that).

The base topping of the Pocky is cream colored and is supposed to act as the soft structure and Mascarpone of an actual Tiramisu. This base is then dripped with dark chocolate that carries the coffee flavor.

Overall, not a bad effort. We were expecting to struggle with eating a whole box in one sitting as we initially expected it to be too sweet – this is not the case, the balance of sweetness and bitterness from the coffee is actually pretty good – it was actually the concentrated taste of the alcohol that we found more of a challenge as it does get pretty potent the more you eat.

Update: This is nigh on impossible to track down now as a flavor

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